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Hydro Mesojet Technology A New Revolution in the Skin Care


The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at Ibn Al Nafees Hospital is pleased to announce the addition of  new technology (HYDRO MESOJET)for the first time in the whole Middle East. This new technology will help many people who would like the skin on their face or other part of the body to have a good deep cleaning with exfoliation and at the same time it provides good hydration to the skin. The most important aspects of the machine is that it does all this without needles and without pain.

HYDRO MESOJET is the latest and sophisticated technology in skin care and it works in a unique gentle and yet effective way. This technology uses fine liquid micro-droplets accelerated by pressurized gas to supersonic velocity to remove dead superficial skin layers gently and accurately. It can make the skin firmer. It delivers vitamins and other supplements to the layers of skin without needles. It also provides glow and radiance. It makes the skin  lustrous.

For more information about this new technology to improve your skin, contact COSMETIC SURGERY CLINIC Tel Nos. +973 17828223, +973 17828362 or email us at